Links and Bibliography

Useful Websites 
An online collections of letter to and from members of the Canadian Stother family during WWI.

An online collection of photos and letters of Canadian soldiers in WWI.

An online collection of letters, images and stories from Canadians in the Great War.
The BBC's special on WWI. Letters, diaries and general information.

The Canadian War Museum's online exhibition.  Photos and great information.

A collection of photos from the Great War.
A collection of maps, photos, artwork, letters, diaries and statistics on the First World War.
WWI document archive.
Images and statistics.
Radio and film documentary of Canadian WWI Vets.
Canadian archives concerning WWI. 
        The war diaries of LSH (RC) can be found on this website by clicking

Comprehensive information on Canada and WWI.
Interviews with Canadian WWI Vets.
More interview with Canadian WWI Vets.

Online exhibit on WWI Propaganda in Canada.

Films from WWI.

Useful Books